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Martial Art
of Superheroes

The World's First Real World Superhero Training Center.

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Tribal Advantage System (Kali, arnis, escrima, dirty boxing, and sikaran). World champions in knife & axe throwing. Learn firearm safety, improvised weapons and more.

The Superhero’s Martial Art

Discover hidden abilities & your heroic persona. Develop mental toughness, ethics and character. Reach your ultimate potential. Save the world!

Superpowers Assessment Test

Join the ranks of the Superhero Foundry from anywhere around the world through online videos and lesson plans on everything in our curriculum. 


Inspired by the comics.  Designed for the real world.

NOT a kids camp.  Serious training for dangerous real world situations.  ‘Read’ a person’s intentions. Respond with reasonable counter-offense and defensive force-on-force.  Develop the mindset and attitude of a superhero. Stack the odds in your favor.  Always have an advantage. 


Filipino Martial Arts are used in over 80% of today’s superhero action films as well as elite military units around the world.

3X faster to master. Adapted for armed group attacks. Less effort needed. Ideal for smaller & less physically fit people. Safer and easier on the body. Less time commitment. Direct and to the point. 


Open Tuesday through Sunday.  Closed on Mondays.  CLICK below for specific courses taught throughout the week.

Class Schedules

Select your level of membership – Superhero, Hero or Sidekick.  Come as often or little as you want. 

Membership Fees

Sign up for upcoming tournaments, knife throwing class, and special events.

Knife & Ax Throwing Class Game of Throws Championship

What sort of subjects does a Superhero need to learn?  CLICK below to find out.


Do what others can’t.  Be who others won’t.

News Flash

What’s going on at the Superhero Foundry 

2018 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Championships Announced

PRESS RELEASE:  Blade Aces Will Hold the First Ever 2018 Buffalo Chip Knife & Ax Throwing Championships Posted 2/9/2018 LAS VEGAS, NV (Feb 5, 2018) – BladeAces.org has announced that[…]

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Atlatls, Large Axes and Stars, oh my!

  Beginning in 2018, the Superhero Foundry, in cooperation with the Blade Aces Organization will include the disciplines of atlatl, large axe, throwing stars, blowdarts and slingshot to their repertoire[…]

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The Martial Art of Superheroes

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people watch movies and television programs that use the Filipino Martial Arts without even realizing it.  The main reason that very few people recognize[…]

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Training to be a superhero takes commitment, consistency and community.  It may look like all fun and games, but looks can be deceiving.  This is serious training. This is how to build REAL superheroes.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I worked with Master Jon (Cuenca) about 12 years ago, learning Filipino Martial Arts. He is truly skilled at his craft, and an absolutely amazing teacher!!! He really has a talent of helping one understand the everyday applications of what they were learning, and how things can be easily modified for almost any situation. I ended up moving to Texas, and was unable to train there, but I still feel very confident with the skills I have learned, including edged weapons…even 12 years later! I really miss training with him, and I would seriously recommend his services to anybody looking for practical and readily applicable capabilities.

Andrew L.- Chiropractor

This is where Boys go to become Men. And this is where Girls go to to become Badass. Owned and operated by World Class Champions. Are the owners of the competition owned and operated by World Class Champions? The answer is NO. This place is legit. It’s safe. Master Cuenca is an awesome instructor that is very personable, patient, and firm. I met his wife once, but that’s probably because she’s too busy winning competitions. Real Heroes need apply.

Eric V. – Film Maker

If you get the chance to train with Punong Guro (Master) Jon Cuenca, do it! I just trained with TJ in the Philippines recently as well as in Las Vegas. He is a first rate master of Filipino Martial arts and Knife Throwing. His wife Melody is a World Champion Knife Thrower and great teacher! You can learn knife throwing basics in just a couple of hours, she is that GOOD! They are parents and know how to teach kids, as well as special forces, elite Police and Military Combatives. Take the time to visit them and see what they do and bring the whole family!

John T. – JKD Instructor

Our Team

Learn from the BEST. The master instructors of the Superhero Foundry are world champions with over 53 years of combined experience.

Dr. TJ “Master Jon” Cuenca

Master Instructor / Bladepool

Level 18 Ocho Kantos Kali Master Instructor
Undefeated Stick and Knife Fighting Champion
Expert Level Knife and Axe Throwing Instructor
Top 100 Living FMA Instructors in the World

Melody Joy Cuenca

Master Instructor / Scarlet Scorpion

Eleven time World Champion Knife Thrower
Expert Level Knife and Axe Throwing Instructor
Highest Ranked Female Knife Thrower in the World
3X Inductee in International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame 

Jeffery Pursley

Asst Instructor / Sharpside

Jim Robertson

Parkour Instructor / Johnny Appleseed

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Someone will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in the Superhero Foundry.

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